About Exlnow?

At this point you know that the risks of not going Agile far outweigh the risks of trans-forming to Agile. Longer delays only increase your risk of losing out to Agile companies ready to disrupt your industry. At Exlnow we've helped companies transform to Agile successfully. When you choose Exlnow you choose the greatest depth of knowledge in Agile transformations. A poor implementation of Agile in your organisation can be just as bad as the waterfall method. Our practical experience with all types of Agile methodolo-gies (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe. LeSS, Nexus, etc) lets us tailor a transformation program that fits your exact needs.

Why do Agile Transformations struggle?

Most transformations to Agile struggle due to a lack of training, resources and expertise. Another common mistake is choosing the wrong type of Agile for your organisation. At Exlnow we know all the majo players and take a pragmatic approach to ensure that the Agile transformation is suited to your organisation. We'll help you every step of the way and can offer unmatched continued support for the long haul. Contact us to learn how we can put you on the path to success.

You know the benefits of going Agile

Now let us help you obtain them quickly. You may have pockets of teams that are successful but want to get the most out of it. Through your Agile transformation, Exlnow will help you to improve throughput, increase product quality, build team morale, improve time to market, gain more accurate time/cost predictions and more. You want every competitive advantage you can get. With an Agile transformation, our goal is to enable you to reach a state of continuous improvement.

What we do?

Agile at scale

Take a pragmatic approach

Focus on business value

We help organisations of all sizes select and implement the scaling pattern/framework that is right for their specific environment.

We help our clients implement the right Agile practices that best suit their specific needs.

We teach teams how to evaluate market needs, set priorities and budget to maximise utility to customers, and measure results based on business value.

Daw from deep talent pool

Educate the entire enterpris

Guide complete transformations

Including a network of hundreds of experienced Agile consultants, Agile coaches, Agile scrum masters and business analysts, backed by Exlnow database of thousands of qualified IT professionals.

From training individual Agile teams, to showing top management, product management, human resources, and other groups how to support and leverage Agile development.

From assessment of Agile readiness, to pilot projects, to training and launching Agile teams, to expanding Agile throughout the development organisation, to promoting sustainable Agile execution across the entire enterprise.

Our Approach

Initial sessions will be with key transformation leads to help determine necessary changes. It will be an interactive collaborative session with the team involved in process and the Agile Transformation. This session will help create the runway to improve and scale the Agile Transformation. Exlnow coaches will guide the options and recommend best practices for these plans. Ample time will be available for discussion and planning. It is important to understand that the Transition Backlog is not a plan, because it does not attempt to map the work items to a timeline, or provide all necessary information about cost and resources required to conduct a Transition. Creation of a complete Transition Plan, which would include cost, resource, and other estimates, is a substantial effort, and one that is out of scope for these engagements

Agile Transformation

Advances in technology have led organizations to change the way they do business. Primitive methods of inventing, designing, and delivering technical solutions and capabilities were relevant when companies had years to ship. Within the last decade, there has been a significant shift in the industry as demand has increased and patience has decreased. Customers need solutions and products that are accurate and aligned with their needs. By transforming outdated solutions to Agile or Agile-like processes and procedures, Exlnow uses Agile Transformation as an instrument to help companies and projects deploy capabilities to market faster and with greater accuracy.

Strategic Planning

  • Exlnow uses an Enterprise Agile approach to meet the strategic planning needs of the organization. By employing an Agile process across all levels of the organization, we can provide all the work needed to accomplish strategic goals while handling dependencies in a transparent manner.
  • The Agile process is used to define the overall roadmap in understanding the risks and opportunities in the near and future terms. The Agile process also provides the ability to adjust and alter focus so it can address any changes to strategic goals. This flexibility allows Exlnow to adapt quickly to grow without affecting delivery.
Transformation Strategy and Planning
Agile readiness and Maturity Assessment
Agile application development
Agile Training and coaching
Tool assessment and process setup

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